Rare diseases are defined by a prevalence of less than one case per 2,000 people per year . From this low number of cases results in numerous problems , both to the patient , as well as attending physicians , and research institutions. Statistics from the CDC

ORPHANET is initiated in France in 1996 database European detection of rare diseases . Meanwhile, more than 35 European countries are involved in the project . It is a non-profit institution , the patients and their relatives , as well as attending physicians and researchers is intended to benefit .

Our exceptional team of dedicated scientific researchers strive to better understand the ins and outs of various diseases that pose a big threat to our children and our future.


How Photographs are helping spread the word

With the help today of some of the world’s most renown photographers, we generating even more awareness for the major diseases our world faces. Special thanks to Camarie Photography for providing the wonderful photos. (not seen here)

Documenting diseases
One of our primary goals at Orphanet is to provide unrivaled inventory and information on the world’s most lethal ailments.

Professional Team of Doctors
We have the world’s most reknown viral and bacterial disease medical professionals as members and contributors on our team.

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Prevention of Diseases Through a Travel Vaccinations Clinic

Some of the best ways to treat diseases is by prevention. A great practice before traveling to different countries (these countries could have many different types of foreign diseases) is to get a travel vaccination. Some popular vaccines right now are for yellow fever and the Zika virus. If you are traveling from the United States there are many travel immunization centers to choose from.

Before leaving the U.S., be sure to make a stop in New York to see one of the many travel clinics NYC doctors. We recommend the following travel clinic:

International Health Travel: Narula Rajiv MD
310 W 56th St Suite 1C, New York, NY 10019
(212) 262-2049

Laser Hair Removal For Traveling

Also, when traveling to different countries where new diseases may be waiting, it can be beneficial to remove hair from your body so bugs don’t make homes on you. If you happen to be on the other side of America before your travel, there are many laser hair removal medical spas to choose from in West LA. One in particular uses Intense Pulsed Light technology so it works quickly and is a long term solution for removing hair and keeping it gone while you’re in different countries:

Skin Med Spa
1333 2nd St #46
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 899-9000